CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

The summer of 2011 saw the [collective] produce, direct and perform in their first feature-length film, entitled 

"...after my desireing to be forgott..."


Based upon the closing letters by the last heir to the founders of the town of Falmouth, Martin Lister-Killigrew, on the construction of his pyramid, his esoteric monument to the family he never knew. The film explores the themes of construction, destruction, dissapearance and desire of the man and his monument.

The [collective] were:

Shanna May Breen

Tallis Brooks

Sebastian H.W.

Josephine Joy

Michael Leverett

Hannah Reade

Laurin Van de Osten Sacken

Jacob Woods

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WARNING: This film contains strobe lighting effects and masonic imagery.

Viewing Instructions: For optimum visual effects, this film is best viewed through a video projector in a dark room.

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