CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

As a [collective] we operate on a temporal and limited commitment policy towards who is a member. 

We work with a wide variety of artists, performers and practitioners across all creative fields and disciplines.

Each artist whom joins the [collective] is treated as a individual with a previous and current artistic practice, which finds its nurture and growth within the interdisciplinary collaborative approach the [collective] foster within their projects.

What remains imperative to the evolution and continuity of the [collective] is the sustainability and community created in the temporal meeting of the [collective] during each project. 

We attempt to support each other in the [collective] regardless of if each member has performed once or several times as part of the [collective], which can come in the form of the smallest gesture of providing somewhere to sleep for the night, to writing letters of commendation to develop international connections between [collective] members around the world.

This page is dedicated to the virtual and online support we offer when you join the [collective], which is becoming part of our ever increasing listing of past [collective] members and their own current respective artistic practices. 

If you have been a [collective] member in the past, and would like to be included in the listing, please email us your name, website/blog/online resource, a short bio and any information about upcoming or current projects and performances you are engaged in, so we can post them right here, right now.

Watch this space populate...!

Alice Eagle

Andre Verissimo

Ben Cooper-Walker

Chloe Smith

Delia Spatareanu

Lala Nomada

Hannah Reade

Jacob Woods

Josephine-Joy McCourt

Kerstin Möller:

Studied Choreography at Ernst Busch in Berlin, contemporary dance at Icelandic Academy of Arts and graduated with a BA in Choreography and Visual Arts from Dartington College of Arts/ University College Falmouth in 2011. Artistic Director of Pony Collective.

Current Projects: Kerstin is currently on a research travel trip around Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia, working towards the performance installation 'my plastic Identity' in cooperation with Eisfabrik / Commedia Futura Theatre in Hanover, Germany. My Plastic Identity is to be premiered in spring 2013. Furthermore she is working on her music project Miss Millers Pony in collaboration with Joe Brook.

Mads Floor Andersen :
Mads is an artist and collaborator, using collaborative approaches to generate material for theatre, public and gallery spaces. At the heart of his approach lies the desire for constant awareness of oneself in the space of others. He is interested in the meetings of people and the space generated between them, as a creative and unique forum of: relation, collision, recognition and physical presence.

Malte Beisenherz

Michael Leverett

Rachael Clerke:

An artist working in theatre and cabaret, Rachael's most recent project, "Oh my God - I'm Scottish too!!" took a satirical look at what it is to be Scottish. In 2010-11 she spent nine months working in residency in Istanbul, Turkey. She is one half of the performance collective Touch & Meet with Josephine Joy. She currently lives in Cornwall but enjoys long train journeys.

Scarlett Lassoff 

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