CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

The [collective] join and work together towards the common aim of a project of a performative outcome. 

Projects can begin life as a question, a statement, a response to a previous project, an abstract idea or an engagement with a community, a site, a text or a creative working process.

The projects the [collective] work on are lead entirely by the process of the collaboration, dialogue and respective artistic process of the collection of new and current members which are working on the current project.

As a [collective] we operate on a temporal and limited commitment policy towards who is a member. 

We work with a wide variety of artists, performers and practitioners across all creative fields and disciplines.

Each artist whom joins the [collective] is treated as a individual with a previous and current artistic practice, which finds its nurture and growth within the interdisciplinary collaborative approach the [collective] foster within their projects.

What remains imperative to the evolution and continuity of the [collective] is the sustainability and community created in the temporal meeting of the [collective] during each project. 

We attempt to support each other in the [collective] regardless of if each member has performed for the first or several times as part of the [collective], which can come in the form of the smallest gesture of providing somewhere to sleep for the night, to writing letters of commendation to develop international connections between [collective] members around the world. 

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