CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

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During April 2013 CLUSTER BOMB [collective] were artists in residency 

at Oryx met in Walworth, London during April 2013. 

Over the month, the [collective] devised and developed through performance research a new project exploring the former site, space and place of a Church Army Homeless Social Housing initiative and ideas of home, homelands and belonging around the local area of Walworth and Camberwell. 

Land is on the move. Its motion continues to shift this home.

We have had moments of discomfort as we have moved ourselves and our possessions throughout these rooms and surrounding streets. Such re-arrangements have caused us to swing from stability to chaos; breaking down and reconstructing notions of belonging.

Remembrance has also had a constant presence. Reminders of where we have come from and how this shapes what we build around us. The streets of Walworth have crossed years in weeks from shared memories, horses and carts to glass buildings and poundland. Grandparents have appeared closer, maybe to question the deeper meaning and impact of re-generation.

We have created an open house for home actions, home discussions, recollections and projections; for sounding out the past and present moments in which we sing our home hymnals.

We welcome you to make home, throughout the mix of our home making.

"During their month's residency, artists opened themselves to the neighbourhood and its people as much as they could. 

One of them took the doors off and carried them, first one, then two at a time, around the area, engaging in conversations with passers-by, exploring the transitional qualities of his own home(s), which could be seen to be in contrast to one of the local residents, a West African woman whose own home is a focal point for her extended, but closely-knit family.

Conversations and sharing of experiences was an integral part of their residency, as it created temporary opportunities for connections with others."

Excerpt from a review by The People's Republic of Southwark, 

April 2013. Read the full review here. 

Click to visit our 

TUMBLR & #homehymnal 

to see our [collective] process over the month.

The [collective] were:

Chloe Smith

Jacob Woods

Delia Spatareanu

Sebastian H.W.

with special thanks and facilitation from:

Alicia Radage

Ryan Philips

Sebastian Bechinger-English


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