CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

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a sound walk ¦ a performance installation

opening  :::::::  4 October 2013 19-22h

installation :::::::  5 – 6 October 2013 14-20h

artist’s talk :::::::  6 October 2013 14h

CLUSTER BOMB [collective] are sponsored by Teufel Lautsprecher GmbH and supported by Europa - Tag des Denkmals & European Heritage Day and Grüntaler9.

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Our performance begins with you, our audience, taking a short sound walk with our headphones around the local area of Wedding surrounding Grüntaler9. Once you have completed your walk, you are welcome continue to listen to our soundscape and enter Grüntaler9, into our immersive performance installation to experience the shifting, complex layers of the unfinished story of Teufelsberg, the devil’s mountain. You are welcome to stay as long as you like and leave when you want. 

The [collective] returned to Berlin as artists in residence at Teufelsberg and the Grunewald to devise their latest performance project entitled TEUFELS¦BERG (the devil is (in the) listening) exploring the performance of listening:

“…the Allies already had radar facilities at Tegel, Tempelhof and Gatow airports. Teufelsberg’s function was to listen – nothing more.”

Our residency in Teufelsberg explored and questioned the passive nature of listening audiences in both theatre, performance art and sound walks, in order to find news ways of allowing audiences to make free choices in supposedly controlled guided tours around historical contexts, as well as the meaning of being an ‘audience’ themselves:

audience (n.)
late 14c., “the action of hearing,” from Old French audience, from Latin audentia “a hearing, listening,” from audientum, present participle of audire “to hear,” from PIE compound *au-dh- “to perceive physically, grasp,” from root*au- “to perceive” (cf. Greek aisthanesthai “to feel;” Sanskrit avih, Avestan avish “openly, evidently;” Old Church Slavonic javiti “to reveal”).

Performance Art and Contemporary Theatre has a tradition of emphasizing the visual over the other five human senses; the [collective] have explored the potential for our individual performances to be re-constructed through the sonic recording taken from our performances during the residency, along with field recordings of the Teufelsberg site, to weave together a collaborative sound-walk in relation with each [collective] members performing art practice - be it theatre, choreography, writing, visual, digital, video and sonic arts. 

the [collective] were:

Scarlett Lassoff 
Kerstin Möller
Lulu Obermayer
Alicia Radage
Paul Striegel
Sebastian H.W.
Jacob Woods


You can now access the sound walk we made 
by combining, layering and recording 
both Teufelsberg and the local area around the Grüntaler9, 
by following our interactive sound walk map below.

Just click the numbered icons and the 'play' button
to listen to the 12 sound files that collectively make up 
the 25/45 minute walk around the west Berlin neighbourhood 
of Wedding, from the starting point in the doorway of Grüntaler9, 
facing the housing block opposite,
up the road to the Bornholmerbrucke bridge 
and back down to the gallery via Gesundbrunnen train station.

For the Short Walk: Follow the Yellow line.
For the Long Walk: Follow the Orange Line.

Corporate & Product Sponsorship of TEUFELS¦BERG courtesy of Teufel Lautsprecher GmbH: 

EU Funding towards TEUFELS¦BERG as part of West Turm Pavilion 

during Europa - Tag der Offenen Denkmals was made possible by the European Heritage Days:  

The [collective] would like to thank Grüntaler9 and Teena Lange 

for their generous support during TEUFELS¦BERG:

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