CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

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a site-specific performance in the wachturm["watchtower" in German]

in Schlesischer Busch, Treptow Berlin 

on 24 / 25 / 26 July 2011. 

Part of the Wachturm Residency Programme 2011 as part of Flutgraben e.V., Treptow, Berlin.

The [collective] were:

Gabriela Aldrete

Malte Beisenherz

Sebastian Hau-Walker

Jacob Woods

Our performance prozeß was a process of transforming conventional images,and historisized metaphors associated, assumed and expected with die Berlinermauer, into Our own [kollektiv] linguistic figures, into Our performance-language, into W. Benjamin's 'moments of awakening'[1].

Our performance was an awakening of the watchtower, [trans. In Deutsche]. at the same time, the offensichlich of site, space and place becoming offenbaren.

Our performance sought not to repeat or re-enact the work of the border guards, but to re-interpret, re-write and re-imagine through re-performance of the lives of these individuals labouring on the edges of socialism...

Our performance explored their inner boredom masked by constant vigilance, and all inside the hive mind of the tower growing, hoping, awakening to a new world beyond the barriers surrounding us all inside the surveillance of the city...

[1]  “... [Benjamin] describes the process of transforming conventional images, traditional metaphors, and his own linguistic figures into...'moments of awakening'.” (Manghani, 2008:58)


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